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Pk: Movie Review From An Average Indian


 It’s wonderful how Aamir Khan is one of the very few person in Bollywood who amazes me with every new movie he comes up with and his new release, Pk certainly did stun me with the amazing concept and story-line.

     The Indian film industry is popularly known around the world for its colorful storylines, singing and dancing, unrealistic action and then there is Aamir Khan who thinks and does things out of the box and creates amazing movies, about India, about, for Indians and that one Indian could relate too.
      With lots of debates and discussions going on about Pk ever since it’s release in India, I certainly believe that Pk was the best Bollywood movie release of 2014.

      The movie begins with Aamir Khan, an alien from another planet visiting planet Earth, landing in a village in Rajasthan and then getting his key to call his spaceship, which is basically a necklace stolen. He begins searching for his necklace, learning about humans and their behavior in order to find his necklace. In this journey, he comes across the word and talks about God. He hears about religion, the ways and belief of various religions and then the confusion he has, as an alien with the concept of religion that we people of planet Earth have. Aamir Khan has beautifully shown the realities that we come across everyday living in a society, about religion, about god and then the various do’s and don’ts of religion has upon.

      This movie Pk, has created some uproar from various religious groups and a ban on this movie Pk in India has been talked about but there is nothing I am shocked about because in my mighty nation India, everything for good gets banned for some senseless and illogical reasons. I suppose, everyone, no matter what age should watch this movie, as its entertaining, with humor and a lot of sensible issue and talks being raised in this movie. Anushka Sharma has played a brilliant role opposite Aamir Khan, as a role of a journalist with supporting act from Sushant Singh Rajput as well. You can also see a cameo role from Ranbir Kapoor in this movie as another alien at the end.

       December, by the end of the year, I am glad that this movie was released and shown to the whole world. Pk has done an amazing job, not only as a movie to entertain people, but as a medium to educate and raise awareness of issue such a religion to a very good extent.

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