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Halloween Celebration at Espeto Gaucho, Muscat

Its already December and it is actually quite late writing about an event that happened in the end of October but capturing memories, I recall last Halloween, and certainly my first Halloween celebration at Espeto Gaucho, Muscat.

      The planning for the Halloween party begun from September itself for what we were going to do with the restaurant, how we were going to decorate, what special we were going to have, etc. After tons of ideas floating in our minds, by the end of October, it was time to bring those ideas to life. Must say touring all the shopping malls and hyper markets in Muscat was one hell of a task, getting decorations, make ups, etc.

      Since Espeto Gaucho, the Brazilian restaurant, in the Cave, is itself in a Cave technically, it did have a spooky effect. The lights were dimmed with colored red papers. The 30th of October was a pre-Halloween night, which was basically a masquerade night where everyone was hidden behind the mask, which wasn't hardcore like a full on make up scary Halloween but the following night was. The host desk in the entrance was welcomed with the Anabelle chair, where our scary doll Anabelle sat, with scary barbie dolls hanging on the top with bats. As one entered, everyone was in their best Halloween make up. I myself was dressed up as a mixture of a mime and joker, which looks really theatrical and scary.
      A Brazilian steakhouse like Espeto Gaucho, having a Halloween party meant, scarier effect with the knives and cuttings. The salad bar was decorated with scary glowing skulls, with spooky salads. Soups like the bloody soup, which was basically beet soup, with an eye ball was freaky and delicious. Drinks and mocktails showed up and sold out, with mocktails like cold blood, shadow of death, Halloween midnight etc. 
    Oman has always been a place for celebrations and everyone here has been so welcoming and celebrating and Halloween wasn't an exception. We did receive people dressed up in their best Halloween costumes, like witches and wizards, vampires and draculas. The night was really busy especially when its a Thursday night which is equivalent to a Friday night else where. The night was long and so quickly did it pass with so much thrill, fun and spookiness in it.
Below are some pictures from the Halloween Night at Espeto Gaucho, Muscat:

Halloween Masquerade: Nischal Gurung

Halloween celebration with Nischal Gurung

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