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The Chocolate Room: A Paradise for Chocolate Lovers in Muscat

The Chocolate Room

The Chocolate Room is a new restaurant in the capital city of Oman, which seems to have done with well with great reviews online so out of curiosity, I thought of trying the place as well and it actually seemed like a paradise for me.

Locating the Restaurant

After checking out for the location of the restaurant online, I tried to find out where it was located and it was indeed very easy to find. Driving towards Gubra, in Muscat, just few minutes drive past by Gubra round about, the chocolate room is located just opposite to Taste of India restaurant so it is actually very easy to locate.

First Impression

It is said that first impression creates the last impression. When I walked inside the restaurant, it looks like a coffee shop like Starbucks or Costa, but it had a twist. With seating arrangements indoors, with tables and cozy sofas, it also had comfortable outdoor seating.
The staffs were very welcoming with a hospitable smile. Taking a quick look around, it had a large section for coffee mugs and jars for sale, like the ones they have in Starbucks, with their signature Chocolate room logo.

The Menu and the Food

Since the name itself suggests, Chocolate room, it is an exclusive cafe for chocolate lovers with delicious chocolate delicacies. The menu was filled with different kinds of shakes, coffee, sundaes, desserts, etc made out of chocolates with a wide variety to choose. The more amusing were the menu items like chocolate pizzas which I don't know how it would look or taste as I didn't order one but seemed quite interesting.
I ordered for a double chocolate shake and a chocolate chipped cold coffee for drinks which were served in a cool glass, which was different than those tall pilsner glass which most restaurants serves these drinks in.
The Chocolate Room's special, Chocolate Fondue was something that grabbed my attention so I quickly ordered for one. It was a hot chocolate fondue, which had a flame burning below making the chocolate melted, while one could choose four dips with the fondue like bananas, kiwi, strawberries, marshmallows, chocolate sticks, etc. Ordering the Chocolate Fondue was the smartest choice, because it looked so appealing, the experience was exciting and it was very different as no where in Muscat had to actually seen this.
The Dips for the Chocolate Fondue
The Dips for the Chocolate Fondue
Drinks in those cool glasses
Drinks in those cool glasses
The delicious melting chocolate fondue
The delicious melting chocolate fondue

Paradise for Chocolate Lovers?

Yes, indeed a paradise for chocolate lovers. One could just pass by this place to grab some coffee or a drink or plan to meet someone with some chocolate ice-creams or like what I did, go there after a heavy dinner for desserts.
This newly opened restaurant is also quite reasonable when it comes to prices. The bill amount 9.600 Omani riyals for two drinks, a chocolate fondue and two bottles of water. I guess every foodie and chocolate lover should try this place in Muscat and is totally worth a visit.

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