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Why Not Super Club at Golden Tulip Seeb, Muscat - Restaurant Review

     Why Not Super Club is a club at Hotel Golden Tulip, Seeb, which is quite close to the Muscat Airport. I had already visited the other outlet, Roof Top Club in Golden Tulip ( Read Review) before and delighted by the service there, I knew I would visit the other outlets in Golden Tulip as well so I did. Actually I visited Why Not Super Club twice in three days and the experience in short was, 'Amazingly Awesome.'

Enjoying the beer!
     Why Not Super Club is located in the ground floor of Golden Tulip and one does not need to enter the main hotel lobby to get into Why Not. Why Not has a bar counter as we enter, with a small DJ floor, a pool table and a dining area, with tables to sit and enjoy our drinks. The first day I went to try the place and had a pint of beer and some potato wedges and I really liked the place so just the day after that I was back again with some friends.
Red Horse (8% Alcohol)
really strong !! 
      The place, Why Not Super Club is open till 3 am in the morning so after my work, I dived into Why Not at around 1 am and since it was a weekday, the place wasn't crowded as such either. We went to the bar counter, where there were two Filipino bar tenders, a man and a woman. The bar tenders were really friendly, well-spoken and hospitable which was one of those moment of truth while in the bar. We started off with beer, and I chose my favorite strong beer, Red Horse and started talking with my friends and the bartenders too were keeping us busy with the conversation. The beer came for about 2 riyals for a can which is relatively cheaper than any other bars in Muscat.

The pool table at Why Not Super Club
        The DJ was playing some really cool music which gave a really fun vibe and then I headed to the pool table which wasn't busy and enjoyed a game with my friends. We ordered for another round of our drinks, and the bar tender got our drinks in the table near the pool table, where we sat and had our drinks. I asked the bartender for the smoking area, and she escorted me outside, where few tables were there and she even suggested that I could take my drink there. The place was quite cool by then as it was 2 pm and after I was done with my cigarette, I went back to the club.

The seats and internal decor
at Why Not
A picture in the wall. Yeah Heineken!!!

The Tequila Shot!
       After being done with my beer, I thought it would be fun to try something more and different and what could be better than tequila. So we ordered for tequila shots for everyone of us, which came for 2.2 riyals, and then there we were, done with our shot and a little tipsy. The bartenders were being really hospitable, asking for drinks, our feedback and kept the conversation going. 
    It was 2.30 and they were done with their last order I assumed and we too were a little tired so finally after a great experience at Why Not Super Club, we headed back home.

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