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Starting Over Again - Filipino Movie Review

I've always been quite a movie buff, which includes watching lots of foreign language movies too, like Korean, Japanese, Spanish, French and some Pinoy movies as well. In the past few months, living in the middle east, making Filipino friends and learning a bit of Tagalog, trying to watch a Pinoy movie seemed to be a good idea and so I tried this one: Starting Over Again.

    I'm basically quite a fan of romantic comedies having watched a ton of Hollywood and Bollywood romantic comedies and Starting Over Again too is a romantic comedy starring Piolo Pascual as Marco and Toni Gonzaga as Ginny.

      This movie begins with Ginny, a university student, quite a fun loving, loud and funny character, falling in love with her teacher, Marco, and publicly shouting her love for him and then slowly Marco too falling in love with her. Marco as a character seems to be a mature guy, who finally falls in love with Ginny and then plans to begin his career as a chef while they both are madly in love with each other. This movie has that kind of story where a boy and a girl meets and separates, and then meets again but it has a twist at the end. 
   The couple separates in the movie and then meets each other after four years, with the guy all settled with his career and with a new girl, and Ginny, back from Barcelona, after pursuing her higher education. What happens when they meet again? Well, some couples don't have a proper break up and a proper ending so to their incomplete love story, do they fall in love again and start over again? This movie wasn't like the other movies where the couples gets back together again but had a realistic approach to the ending showing that they couldn't actually get back again, after things happened and the changes time brought in them and had a proper ending to their love story to start over again with a new life.
    This movie, Starting Over Again, has a serious plot, a romantic love stories, with some funny scenes in between which does give the viewers some good laugh. Basically the movie is in Filipino and english subtitles to this movie did help me a lot though the language in this movie is kind of bilingual, with a mix of English and Filipino making it more easier for a foreigner like me to understand.


      I think this movie is worth a watch, if you're a romantic comedy lover, which has the essence of a love story, some funny laughs to get in between and then with a good ending which is not like a typical love story movie which makes it different than any other movie.

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