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Roof Top Club in Golden Tulip, Seeb Muscat - Restaurant Review

  Hotel Golden Tulip is a hotel in Seeb near the Muscat International Airport which I had come across a lot but I hadn't never been there or heard much about the outlets there. Then suddenly we had a small get together for our work mates at a bar and then Golden Tulip was chosen for that one so me and a group of friends from work planned a visit to a bar in Golden Tulip and had made prior reservations for a table.

     I hadn't heard much positive about this hotel before and wasn't expecting much before the visit. As we entered the hotel lobby, there were lots of friendly smiling faces greeting us in the reception and then we were helped to take the elevator to the fourth floor where the bar was, which was the Rooftop Club. As we entered the club, we were greeted by a manager himself and escorted to our table. 
An amazing time at Roof Top Club, Golden Tulip, Seeb, Muscat
     The place had two parts, a smoking area on one side and a non-smoking area in the other and we had a table in the non-smoking area where a table was waiting for us. The place didn't have much of an impressive decor or lavish furnish as such but wasn't bad in anyways either. The place had a pool table with some Omani guests enjoying themselves with a game, and a bar counter with smiling and friendly faces serving their drinks. The view from the place was amazing, with the huge glass window looking down the Golden Tulip premises and the Seeb and Airport area. It was already night and cars moving along the highway could be seen from the top with a magnificent view.

     I checked the menu and realized that the prices were cheaper comparing the other bars in the city which was quite surprising and well delighting too financially especially if you have a low budget. I order for a bottle of Heineken to start with and my friends too ordering for their drinks. We also order some pub food to go with, A friend of mine had some problem with his chair but delightfully someone quickly came for help and replaced another chair and the person himself seemed to be the manager based on what he looked like. So while we had our beer, we had our mouth water canapes which was really good and some prawn fritters which was delicious so yeah, the food was really good with the price too not so expensive. Even a bottle of Heineken costed like 2.5 Riyals which was cheap as compared to any other bars in Muscat.
Red Horse or Heineken???
     The menu had a lot of options for the drinks and some of my friends suggested me that I should try Red Horse, which is a strong beer with 8% alcohol and fortunately Rooftop Club was serving it so I had my order for that one and trust me, the beer is awesome. I love strong beers and Red Horse was actually really strong and the Red Horse beer with all the snacks we ordered was a fantastic treat. The service too was quick good in there, even when our whole noisy group may have been quite annoying with lots of orders and requests for mayonnaise and ketchup and stuff, the staffs were friendly, hospitable and quick.
Squeezed in the elevator down the exit!!
     So, as an experience for a visit in this outlet at Golden Tulip, Muscat, I was really delighted and I think I will visit them again. I have also heard about this other outlet the hotel owns which is Why Not Super Club which I am thinking of visiting soon.

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