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Photoshoot near Al Bustan Palace, A Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Near Muttrah, Muscat

  Summer has arrived with the beginning of May which seems to be the real starting of summers, and when I am talk about summers, its not the warm sunny weather like the Summer in New York, where you can go out in your summer clothes and have fun with your friends. Summer here in Muscat is actually 'horribly-good'.

      The Middle East is always known for its desserts and hot weather and Oman is no exception so Muscat is heated up with the arrival of May with temperature now going up to 40 degree Celsius and may go even higher soon. 
     So the other night, I just got a call from my friend Allan to go out with him to help him for a photo shoot and I was kind of confused but made up my mind to do so.

      The planned time for the photo-shoot was around 7 am in the morning as the sun wouldn't be so up hot that time so that would ease the outdoor photography. Well, its weekend and who wakes up early in the morning so there was a little delay waking up and then driving to the spot so it was almost 9 am till we reached the destination for the photo shoot. A drive pass Muttrah towards Al Bustan Palace, at Al Bustan Round About seemed perfect for an outdoor model photo shoot, with the Marina and the sea at one side, and then the rocky and sandy ranges of hills at the other side and then a long never ending highway in the middle. Reaching there driving wasn't a big deal but once we got down from the car, we realized that its gonna be a really hot time.

       As it was an outdoor photo shoot, we had to try shooting at various outdoor places around, in the rocks, hillside and streets which meant a lot of walking from the car park area so it was. Plus all the while the pictures were being taken, the sun was torturing us with the damn heat. The model for today was Mihai, who happened to be a friend of Allan from Romania. So this was my third photo shoot out with Allan and well like always it was coming up with great results and I seem to have learnt and experienced something or the other every time. With all the torture of the heat from the sun, we finally did it and completed it and when we saw the results, the sunny heat that tortured us was totally worth it. Below are few pictures from the shoot.

In Picture: Allan, Philippines and Nischal Gurung, India.

In Picture: Nischal Gurung, India and Mihai Mitza, Romania.
In Picture: Nischal Gurung, India and Mihai Mitza, Romania.

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  1. Hahaha.. so true. This temperature is soon going to annihilate humanity... stay tuned. Many more photoshoots in line before I go on vacation. :)


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