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Beach Day and Swim Night at Grand Hyatt Beach, Muscat

   As a total beach lover, what could be a better option for the weekend than relaxing in the beach after a busy week and having a good time. So, this was it, it was time to have another beach day, but not in Qurum or Yeti or any other popular crowded beaches. So this time, it was the beach quite close to where I live and it happened to be quite an amazing one.

       The beach at Al Khuwair, which is just close to the Al Khuwair round about and in front of Hotel Grand Hyatt, which is also referred to as Grand Hyatt Beach by most people, was the plan  and surprisingly this beach is close as one can go walking from Al Khuwair, so me and my buddies headed to the beach in the evenings, though the weather was hot as hell here with the summers approaching in Muscat. Just like a picnic party, we carried mats and food and drinks and dressed in the typical beach wear look, it was Grand Hyatt Beach which we headed for.

A selfie by the beach in Qurum. Picture: Nischal Gurung
A selfie by the beach in Qurum. Picture: Nischal Gurung
     This beach is actually a park beach so there is a park with benches and green grasses and then in front of it is the sandy beach and the sea. Normally this place is filled with people, and tourists, especially with the ones residing in the Hotel Grand Hyatt but is not as crowded as Qurum beach so its perfect to go there and relax and have a good time with friends. It was about 5 in the evenings when we reached there though it was still a little sunny but as we sat there, relaxed, listening to music, grabbing some snacks and talking, the sun began to set and to started to get cooler. After spending some time talking with friends sitting in the sand, it was time to jump in the water.

Picture: Nischal Gurung, Mark Lim and Anthony Dabu
Picture: Nischal Gurung, Mark Lim and Anthony Dabu
     Wearing our swimming trucks, we jumped in the sea, which was not cold but actually quite warmer. It actually felt like I was up in a spa, for a relaxation therapy, floating in the water, with no noise but just the sound of the sea waves moving and the wind. I personally, am not a good swimmer growing up in the hills but a big sea lover and swimming here for a beginner like me is also quite easy. After spending an hour just relaxing in the sea, which just felt like a minutes, it was dark and time to have fun with friends like crazy. Having friends accompanying me who basically grew up in the sea, I was quite the amateur, but its never too late to learn so be it, so fooling around, I started my instant swimming lessons, which did make me swallow a lot of salty sea water, getting bruises and drowning in the water for seconds but the fun was totally worth it.

     I have been quite a guy who loves to go out and have fun but past few months in Muscat I have learnt that, there are amazing ways to have fun and enjoy yourself without going to any fancy places, and buying any expensive stuff and one way is surely having a beach day off.

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