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Two States Movie Review: Comparison with the Book

    Chetan Bhagat, was one Indian writer whose books I always loved reading and back in 2009, when his book, 'Two States was released, I hurriedly grabbed a copy and began reading this book. While I was reading Two States, I just wondered that this book would make an excellent Bollywood movie, especially when the book had so much of a typical Bollywood content. Well, I certainly did enjoy reading the book, even though the book wasn't so typical the type of books I love to read.

 Well, there are tons of movies that have been based upon books and after watching every movie based on books, even when it is great movies like the Harry Potter series, Twilight Saga or a Nicholas Spark book based movie, I never liked much of the movies, as the movies just shows you what is written while reading a book means a story played in your imagination. Especially, when after the total disaster of the last Chetan Bhagat's book, 'One Night at the Call Centre' made into the movie, 'Hello' , I didn't have much expectation. However, 'Five Point Someone' did pretty good with 'Three Idiots' and 'Three Point Someone' as 'Kai Po Che' wasn't as bad as 'Hello', I did look forward for 'Two States' but with no big expectation.

      So after the movie was released here in Muscat, I watched the movie and what I say  is, I totally loved the movie and hats off to the director Abhishek Varman for recreating this amazing book into a really nice Indian Bollywood film. Inititally my reaction over, Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt being casted as Krish and Ananya was a disappointing one, especially Alia Bhatt, who for me was that teenage girl from the movie, ' Student of the Year'. Well, I won't say Alia did wonderful with the role of Ananya but it was relatively good.
      For me, like always, when I watch a movie after reading a book, the movie seems to appear like a summary of the book, being played at a fast-forward mode and the same did happen this time with Two States too, and yes, with the Hindi songs in between the scenes made me laugh as well as I hadn't even imagined a song while I was reading the book. I remember that some songs actually did cover an entire chapter or two from the book, which was pretty weird but weirdly nice.
      The initial scenes, where Krish and Ananya met, and has time in college was well presented though casting all the boys in the college as nerds with thick glasses (almost every boy in the college) was really stereotyped and funny but it went with the flow. The character of Ananya was really a matured girl which Alia wasn't able to show but as a newbie in Bollywood, she was not bad either. Arjun Kapoor though did an excellent job with Krish's role as it is exactly how I imagine Krish, or lets say Chetan Bhagat himself to be like.

       I must say the role of Krish's mother was really awesome, as I found her character of a typical Punjabi mom to be quite an interesting one while reading the book and I did imagine an actress like Kiron Kher would be well suited but actress Amrita Singh did an excellent job for her role. I really loved her role as Krish's mother, with all the humor in the movie. Ronit Roy is a great actor whose works I've always appreciated and I must say he did it quite well with this role as well. When I read the book, I had imagined Krish's father's character to be a typically old Punjabi father but never the less, Ronit isn't as old and isn't what I imagined, still did a really good job. 

      The actors playing Ananya's brother and father was actually exactly what I imagined while reading two states and for Ananya's mother, I imagined her as a very typical Tamilian woman, with an accent with a lot of innocence. However, Revathy was a little different than what I imagined but I've always loved Revathy, since the time of the Bollywood film 'Love' with Salman Khan, and she actually did an impressive work with the role of Ananya's mother's role. The scene when Ananya's mother in the stage singing was a good one, when she sings a wonderful Tamilian Carnatic song with her 1991 hit hindi song, Saathiyan from the movie Love was a great mashup adding up with Kaho Na Pyaar hai though that wasn't at all what I imagined while reading the book, as I imagined more of a heavy Carnatic musical performance.

       But to end up and giving my feedback about the movie, which many may disagree, the movie was really nice. I had not expected the movie to be even good but I say it is totally worth watching. I wouldn't say it to be excellent as Three Idiots, but if you're a Bollywood movie fan than you would certainly love the movie, which shows the various contrast in cultures and background in the Two States of Delhi and Tamil Nadu, the scenes in Delhi and Chennai and how interracial marriage seem to be an issue in India. For a romantic comedy, Chetan Bhagat's Story about his marriage, seemed to have made a great Bollywood movie.

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