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The Pakistani Restaurant and the Omani Biryani Blunder – The Weird Experience

 After reaching Muscat, I was quite satisfied with the place, with our fully furnished apartment in Al Khuwair and the place too was quite good, not so crowded and located in a residential area.
        The first night in Muscat was quite an exciting one and looking around was something I wanted to do so as the sun set and it turned dark, I thought a short walk around would be great. So me and my flatmates went around Al Khuwair for a walk. I was actually starving and was kind of confused what and where to eat and yes I also wanted something cheap. So, as I came somewhere near Radisson Blu, I looked around for a takeaway or a quick service food place, which can be available in plenty around but at that point of time, I couldn’t find much.

     As we were walking by, a small Pakistani restaurant caught my eye, where I could see the cook marinating fresh tandoori chicken and as an Indian, that really grabbed my attention. So, I quickly went ahead and asked if I could get something Indian to eat and they offered me Biryani which was quite cheap of about 1 Omani Riyal. So, I asked for four portions of Chicken Biryani and waited. It was good to see that people there in Muscat speak Hindi a lot. I mean the Indian population which is in plenty and the Pakistani crowd and some Omanis as well. I even noticed that the tv in the restaurant was playing an Indian Bollywood movie. Well, I was really glad to see this.

     So as I was waiting, the server came ahead with four plates for us, filled with brown rice. I was like, ‘What is this?’ and then the server answered ‘Biryani’. I was like ‘Huh?’ I mean I ordered for a chicken biryani and I get is a oily fried brown rice. I again asked the server that I had ordered a chicken biryani and the server said that the chicken is coming soon. So I went ahead and took a taste of the first spoon of that brown rice. All I could taste is the bland oily rice with no spices or flavour or anything close to a biryani. Then suddenly the server appeared and presented in a plate a dry piece of tandoori chicken. The chicken looked bony with so little flesh, burnt and red and the taste was bland again. No spices or herbs or flavour and actually it didn’t even taste like a biryani or chicken. I again called the server asking him how can I eat such a dry stuff and he again replied to wait. Then he served us four bowls of smelly liquids, which appeared to be sort of thin chicken gravy or sauce and I was supposed to mix them all and eat it. That was just so disgusting still taking my first Omani eating out experience positively I tried it and it was even more disgusting than what I imagined. Then the server again appeared with the green salad which I had ordered and it was basically nothing but a plate of lettuce topped with chopped tomatoes. I wondered why does this thing have to happen with me?
Biryani at Pakistani restaurant in Rawasco, Al Khuwair, Muscat

      It’s been more than a month since this incident has happened and I still laugh thinking about the incident. Muscat certainly has plenty of amazing places to it and even when it comes to budget and economic places to eat but the first experiences was really weird but I guess that weirdness in the Chicken biryani in Muscat made it quite memorable.

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