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Ras Al Hamra Beach in Muscat - The Small Hidden Paradise

   People are not much acquainted with Ras Al Hamra beach in Muscat but I must say this beach is a hidden paradise here in Oman's capital. The most popular beach which I normally visit due to its close proximity and popularity is the Qurum beach but one day by chance and co-incidence, I discovered this Ras Al Hamra beach and found it quite amazing.

View of the Ras Al Hamra Beach area from the camp
way that goes to this place.
          Ras Al Hamra beach is actually located quite close to Qurum beach and is in quite a solitude. One can either reach Crowne Plaza in Qurum and then take the road further that passes a little sloppy way which goes to Ras Al Hamra beach or move towards Ras Al Hamra beach directly from the Qurum round about. It is just about 10 minutes drive from Crowne Plaza or Qurum round about to reach Ras Al Hamra.

       This beach unlike Qurum beach is quite secluded and is comparatively smaller but is really very beautiful. This beach is spread over a very small area and the crowd is also quite less which makes it really ideal if you are planning to have a good time in your privacy. This beach is also ideal for swimming and one can see families and tourists taking a splash in the water here. This beach is surrounded by rocks, particularly limestone rocks on the either sides and has a perfect beach location in the middle of the rocks.

The sea-shore at Ras Al Hamra Beach, Muscat

       Unlike Qurum beach, there ain't any restaurants or coffee shops here, so if you're planning to visit here, it would be a better idea to get your snacks and juices when you visit. One can also see people enjoying bonfires here because this beach is quite peaceful and not crowded with people. 

      I have also noticed that there are lot of scuba diving activities going on in this place which does not happen in Qurum beach. If you're planning to try boating or jet-ski then this isn't a proper place and I would recommend to try Qurum beach for this. Indeed, Ras Al Hamra beach is a perfect place to visit in the evenings, and enjoy the beach. I personally love sitting in those limestone rocks by the side of the beach overlooking the sea, and then enjoying chatting with friends in the evenings and watching the sunset. You can also have a great view of the coastline of Muscat from here that extends via the Qurum beach.

Ras Al Hamra Beach, Muscat
      If you do not have a car to drive then I recommend you have a taxi on call as it is really difficult to get a taxi from here. If you think you can walk then you can always walk towards Qurum , which would take about 20-30 minutes walk.

        For a beach lover like me, Ras Al Hamra beach was indeed a paradise, due to its location, the peaceful environment, cleanliness and the beautiful landscape. So, if you're a beach lover like me and haven't tried visiting here, I recommend you to try visiting Ras Al Hamra and the proximity too is quite close compared to Qantab and Yeti beach.

A little posing at Ras Al Hamra Beach, Muscat Picture: Nischal Gurung
A little posing at Ras Al Hamra Beach, Muscat
Picture: Nischal Gurung

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  1. oh you've been to qantab or yeti already? - chicha


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