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Serena Williams, The Tennis Diva - Gets Her Second Roland Garros Title

Serena Williams, the living tennis diva, knew that it had been 11 years since her last victory in the only French Open championship she won. She also was aware of the fact for what happened last year in Paris, the only first-round Grand Slam loss in her camera.
       With these two facts, Williams was all set for victory. With a kick of motivation from the disappointed loss from last year and then the want to repeat the elation of 2002. She was all set last Saturday to touch the heights of victory. Yes, last Saturday, the French Open 2013 Women Single against Maria Sharapova was quite an amusing one. Using her power of hitting and her terrific defense, Serena Williams saw her victory with 6-4, 6-4, winning her Roland Garros title for the second time since 2002 and also her 16th major trophy which she won overall.
     When Serena Williams was asked, she told that she was upset about her loss last year, but her loss last year was the major kicking factor that gave her the boost to win this year. She said that a game isn't all about winning, but about recovering from your losses, and turning your losses into victory. Well, I must surely saw that Serena Williams is an athlete, who attitude to her game and her lust for victory makes her the real diva of tennis.

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