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The Craziest, Funniest and The Most Insane Letter Ever Written

Kolkata Blogger Nischal Gurung
To my dearest Nim Doma,
                                         How are you doing over there? Anyways, I am all fine thank you over here. How is the weather behaving there? The weather is fine all over here. It just rained for the first 3 days and the last 4 days last week. I am trying my best to writing this letter very slowly as I know you cannot read fast. Well, now I have shifted to my new house and left my old house.
             This new house I am talking about is so nice. I also bought a new washing machine for myself but I am not sure whether it really works or not. Last week, I put my SpongeBob Squarepants boxers inside the washing machine and switched it on, after that, I haven't seen that boxer again.
            By the way, let me tell you the good news. Remember, your friend Dipika Gomes, who was pregnant? She had a baby last night but I haven't heard about much so I am not sure you have become an uncle or an aunt. Everyone said that the baby looks like your brother Gaurav.
           Last week we went for a trip in the valleys. You best friend Swarnim fell in the river. Some men over there went to the river to save her but she fought with those men instead and even drowned them. Anyways,Swarnim is safe but those men are dead.
            Remember, Saurabh Syangden? He had a car accident last month. He was driving a truck when suddenly he felt asleep and landed up in a river with the truck. Thank god he rolled out from the window and the doctor says he is absolutely fine now, but he doesn't agree with the doctor and is still in the hospital witha'wannabe sick' attitude.
           Anyways, now I am stopping to type in my keyboard and I am coming to the THE END of the letter. Hope you had a nice time reading my letter. I will be back soon with another letter with lots of good news and gossips. Until then you take care XOXO
Yours faithfully favorite best friend,
Nischal Gurung
PS: If in case you do not receive this letter, please do inform me so that I can send you again. I have posted this letter without your address as I don't have it so when you are replying to it, please send me your address as well.

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