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Shame on You India: You Don't Punish Rape Criminals

While Damini lost her life on the 29th last month, those rape culprits who gang raped her is still ok with no severe actions taken. Even various other rape cases followed in the past few days but the Indian government has yet to do anything about it. In a democracy and republic like India, such injustice has become very common.This month, the whole nation shall celebrate Republic day, it shall actually be Rape-Public Day.

Yes, 29th of December 2012, became a national shame day for India, where the innocent victim of gang rape Damini died in Singapore hospital, yet no actions has been taken to the culprits. Damini died today, not just because her multiple organ failed. The rape victim died because India’s law failed, the nation’s police failed, the doctors failed, the Indian politics failed, justice failed, law and order of the country failed  and the people of India failed. It is a big failure for India. India failed.
     The whole nation has been waiting for justice. People have protested, launched rallies and done everything possible. There has been a huge discussion all over the internet and social networking sites about the injustice to rape victims in India, yet nothing has been done. Now, as the year’s ending, how can an Indian citizen celebrate a Happy New Year when the condition of the nation is as such. 
     I wonder how the Prime Minister is gonna address the nation and celebrate Republic Day on 26th January when the government has not done justice. It is definitely going to be Rape-Public Day and not republic day.

 It is such a shame for India. Damini gets raped in New Delhi, then she gets sent to Singapore where she gets killed. Finally the Prime Minister comes and tells that he is not going to celebrate New Year's day, the news say that her organs failed, the culprits are busy eating Biryanis, the judges in the court are still confused and have no idea what to do. The public in India don't know where they should protest or go for rally as a constable died. Those great political leaders and heads like Anna Hazare is missing with Kerjriwal and Raj Thackeray during such times of the nation.
      The Indian people are busy watching cricket matches and hit blockbuster movies like Dabang 2 which actually made 200 crores till date. Well, yeah India has become a paradise for criminals. And yes, after the gang rape of Damini happened in New Delhi, 16 more rape cases was reported all over India with 5 rape cases in the country's capital New Delhi alone. Well not a new thing as no one seem to even care. 
     Women in India has no hopes for their safety here as for what we have been seeing with the crimes here in this nation. Hello people, save yourself as in India, there is no rules and laws to save the public. So your security lies in you.

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