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Places of Tourist Interest in Mirik

Mirik is a very popular hill station to visit where tourist from all over the world visit every year. Mirik has various places of tourist interest where tourist visit and enjoy the beauty of Mirik. This article gives information about the various places in and around Mirik which may interest tourists and make them aware of the places to see in Mirik.
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Taking a snap from Helipad, Mirik.
Mirik is a very popular tourist destination in North Bengal, where thousand of tourists visit this hill station every year. Located in the Darjeeling district, Mirik is very well known for its Sumendup Lake for which it happens to be the major attraction, attracting tourists from all over India and the world.
      The article here details various places in and around Mirik, that is of tourist interest.
1. Krishnanagar - Krishnanagar is the major tourist hub in Mirik, where most of the tourists visiting Mirik stay. Krishnanagar is very close to the Sumendup lake, therefore most tourists prefer to accommodate themselves in hotels present here, which is available in plenty. Tourists can take strolls in the pathways along the lake, or take a boat ride in the lake which is available in the boat house. You may see lots of tourists feeding the fishes in the lake with buns and breads which happens to be a very interesting sight, with probably hundreds of fishes trying to grab a bun, fighting with each other. Krishnanagar has lots of restaurants where tourists may enjoy eating the authentic Nepali and Bengali dishes, especially momo which happens to be the specialty dish of Mirik.

2. Bokar Monastry - Bokar Monastry is located in the hill top of Deosay Dara, which is about 15-20 minutes walk up hill from Krishnanagar. Bokar Monastry is a remarkable piece of Buddhist Architecture, constructed in the memory of the Buddhist saint, Bokar Renpoche. Bokar Monastry built in an Indo-Tibetan Buddhist architectural style, is dedicated to Lord Buddha and is a home to hundreds of monks that live here to attain spiritual knowledge. Tourists are allowed freely to enter this place to see the architectural beauty of this Monastry in Mirik, as well as pray and get blessed by holy deities for whom this monastry is built.
Bokar Monastary, Mirik

3. Swiss Cottage and Helipad View Point - The Mirik Swiss Cottage is located about 15 minutes walk up hill from Krishnanagar, which is also a hotel where one can accommodate themselves. The cottages here are built in the Swiss architectural design, which attracts lots of tourists to stay here due to the beauty of this place. There is a huge helipad and view point located adjacent to these cottages. One can view the entire Sumendup lake from this view point with the surrounding hills and can have an excellent view of the mighty Kanchenjunga. There are lots of tourists visiting this place early morning to witness the breath taking view of the morning sunrise.
Mirik Lake

4. Pasupati Market - Pasupati Market is about 16 kilometers from Mirik, which takes about half an hour drive from Mirik. Pasupati is a part of Nepal located in the border and is an excellent place for shopping. One may have to register themselves at Pasupati Fatak, before entering the Pasupati market. Indian tourists do not require a passport or visa for entry. One may shop for beautiful clothes, decorative items, shoes, etc which is of very good quality, unique and cheap. You are not allowed to shop in huge bulks and take it home, but a nominal amount of shopping is allowed.
5. Ramitey Dara - Ramitey Dara literally means a hill top of excellent view. This hill top is located in the top of the Deosay Dara hill, which takes about half an hour walk or 10 minutes drive from Krishnanagar. This hill top of Ramitey Dara gives an excellent view of the surrounding hills from Ghoom to Kurseong and one can even see the beautiful valleys located in the bottom of the hills with rivers flowing towards the plains of Siliguri. Tourists usually visit this place to relax and take a chill in the cool breeze here.
    There are various other places of tourist interest in Mirik too where tourists may visit like Orange Garden, Manju, Rangbang, Devisthan Mandir and Bunkulung.

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