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Industrial Training at ITC Sonar, Kolkata - an Experience

An Industrial training, also known as IT, is an internship program that a hotel management student should take as a part of their course to gain industrial exposure. I, myself being a student doing my Bachelors of Hotel Management, did get a chance to take my industrial training at ITC Hotel Sonar, Kolkata for six months.

       I had to work in the four major departments of the hotel, namely Housekeeping, Food and Beverage Service, Food and Beverage Production and Front Office.

I begun my training with housekeeping at Sonar. Beginning with Housekeeping was a great start for me as I got an opportunity to explore the ITC hotel more. The trainees at ITC Sonar especially had to assist the Guest room attendants in cleaning the guest rooms in the Executive Clubs, Towers and ITC One rooms depending on where you're working. As a beginner it was very tough for me working and coping with the hectic schedule. Most of the trainees really do have a very hard time during this period which I too had. I also did work at night shifts, though night shifts had comparatively lesser and lighter work, and had a completed different experience and learning value from the day shift. I also had to work in the Laundry department, known as Lavanderia, which consisted of working in the Linen and Uniform room as well.

Then I moved on to the Food and Beverage Service department in ITC Sonar, which started with working at IRD (In-Room Dining or Room Service). This was my first department working in the food and beverage department. As I was already well acquainted with the various rooms at ITC Sonar, having trained in housekeeping, room service was fun, though working for 10 hours and more everyday was hectic. Delivering food and beverage in rooms, clearance from floors and rooms were the major duties of the trainees including the trolley setup, food pick ups, etc. Then I moved on to the Banquet Service. ITC Sonar has the Pala banquets, with Foir 1 and 2, the five conference rooms and the gallery. Working in the banquets is very hectic, where you even have to work for 15 and more hours. Specially during major events and parties, you really have to slog. Then, I moved to the coffee shop of ITC Sonar, Eden Pavillion, which is open 24 hours a day. Training at Eden Pavillion was very tough and lots of hard work was required, though I did enjoy a lot here as learning value was more here. We could come on guest contact, see the service of various food and beverage here, those F&B which could not be served anywhere else in Kolkata too.

Then it was time to move to the kitchens, for training at thr Food and Beverage Production department at ITC Sonar. I started with the Main Kitchen where I worked in the continental kitchen. Working at the kitchens were very hectic and tiring where I had to work for at least 12 hours a day. I then did my training at CFP (Cold Food Processing) kitchen, then at the banquet kitchen, bakery and the butchery (Meat Fabrication). I also did get a chance to go for outdoor catering at Rourkela, with the ITC Sonar chefs which was an awesome experience. Though the work load was very heavy, meeting trainees from various other colleges and working outdoors was a very different and great experience.
My last department was the front office department which was the department I myself preferred where I had a great time. I had to work in the concierge and bell desk helping the guests for any assistance they needed, handling their baggage and luggage. I also did work in the business centre at ITC Sonar, Kolkata where I had to help my seniors for the preparation of Reg cards and stuffs. It was a great time working in the reception, reservations and the back office assisting where the learning value was great.

After completing my industrial training at ITC Sonar, Kolkata, I now feel very relaxed. It was a great hurdle to cross and I'm pleased that I crossed it. The Learning Service training department has always been very supportive to the trainees at Sonar so thanks to them so much. I did make a lots of friends, with my seniors and fellow trainees with whom I got a lot of time to interact with, thus gaining more knowledge and exposure. It is true that it is a tough thing to pursue the industrial training in a hotel, but it is worth the hardwork. After completing my industrial training at ITC Sonar, I now realize that, I have learned so much with all the experience I had and I suppose this will give me a get boost and assistance in the career ahead.
Thanks ITC Sonar for whatever you have given me, and toughening me.


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  3. read your blog! even I did my training from sonar after you though.


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