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5 Places to Visit While in Kalimpong - Should Not Be Missed by the Tourists

At Deolo: Nischal Gurung
Uphill on the way to Deolo
Kalimpong is a beautiful hill station where the visiting tourist will surely have a lovely time but the visit would even be better if they visit the best places that is located at Kalimpong which should not be missed by tourists visiting Kalimpong. This article will mention and describe five places in Kalimpong which tourists should visit and should not miss visiting them.

Kalimpong is a popular tourist destination in India, located in the Darjeeling district, emerging as a famous hill station for tourists. Kalimpong know for its floriculture, the Indo-Tibetan influence and its natural beauty, has become a perfect combination for a great tourist spot.

    There is no other place where you can find an Indian culture mixed with the Bhutanese and Tibetan culture so well as in Kalimpong. Therefore, this article here will brief you about five places one should visit while visiting Kalimpong and should not be avoided by tourists while visiting this place.
1.Deolo Hill - Deolo hill which is located at 6000 feet above the sea level, is a half an hour drive from Kalimpong town. Deolo is located at the top of the Kalimpong hill which has beautiful gardens,parks and has a beautiful landscape with slopes and tall cliffs. Deolo hill acts as a view point from where the tourists can see the complete Kalimpong town from the cliffs and the Himalayan mountains at Sikkim from the other side of the hill. There is a tourist lodge and a restaurant for the tourists at Deolo where one can enjoy the delicious food and even accommodate themselves in the lodge. A Science Centre is also built recently in Deolo where one can enjoy science games and shows inside. It also has a planetarium and a huge children's park.  So, Deolo hill is something that should not be missed out at any cost.

2. Durbin Hill - Durbin Hill, also known as Durbin Dara, is another tourist favorite location in Kalimpong. Similar to Deolo, Durbin Dara is also a hill top on the other side of the town, which takes a 25 minutes drive from Kalimpong town. Durbin Hill is a perfect place to see the amazing view of the Teesta river flowing from the state of Sikkim along the valleys of Kalimpong. An old Tibetan monastery is also located at the Durbin Hill, which is believed to be the oldest Buddhist monastery built in this town.
On top of Durbin Monastery

3. Teesta - Teesta is a valley, located at a distance of 16 kilometres from Kalimpong. Located at the bank of river Teesta, the place gets its name from the river itself. Rafting is something that all tourists are seen flocking for, which is an adventurous and thrilling experience which one can have at Teesta in the white water of river Teesta. Tourists are often seen fishing and enjoying picnics at the banks of the river.
4. Lava - Lava is a place where all tourists should visit and shall not avoid and miss visit to this place when visiting Kalimpong. About a two hours drive by road from Kalimpong, Lava is a beautiful town known for the beautiful surrounding hills, waterwalls, Buddhist temples and monasteries and is also believed to be a gateway to Tibet. So, Lava serves as a perfect location to experience an Indo-Tibetan culture and lifestyle.
At Lava Monastery
5. Reshap- Reshap is another must-visit tourist location in Kalimpong, which is near Lava. Reshap is indeed a place where one can have an adventurous and thrillful excitement in their vacation in the hills. Sports like sky gliding can be done here which tourists love for a new change and some thrilling excitement. There are plenty of viewpoints from where one can see the beautiful scenic landscape around, especially the sunrise view from the Himalayas which is awesome. So one should always take a visit to Reshap too when in Kalimpong.

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