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The Highest Paying Online Writing Site - Why Leave Triond and Join Knoji?

Knoji has become the best online writing site now and there are plenty of reasons why you should start writing for Knoji leaving all writing websites like Triond, Bukisa, Wikinut, etc.     I myself am a writer at Triond who has written more than 150 articles here since the last two years and I enjoy writing for Triond. But after I started writing for Knoji, I found so many reasons why online writers like me should start writing for Knoji.    Firstly, in a website like Triond, we get paid for the views that our articles accumulate. I have had articles which I wrote with lots a research, hard work and of good quality, and it landed up getting only few views and ended up earning $0 or just few cents. While at Knoji, you even get paid a bonus for just publishing an article. I got bonuses of $5 each an article just for submitting besides the earning from the views. These bonuses depend upon the quality of the article and ranges from $1 to $5 and sometimes even more than that.     Secondly, the income generated at Knoji for views that we receive in our article is also quite more. Though the earning depends upon the quality and SEO rank of the article, it ranges from $2 to 10$ per 1000 views, depending upon the quality of the article. Sites like Triond do not pay so high.     Knoji also has article review assignments and other topics assignments where writers can write on and can earn bonus of $20 per article and then a very high rate of payment for views too. Article reviews pay very high at Knoji. Though the writing standards of Knoji are a bit high and is strict regarding plagiarism and grammatical errors and vulgar languages, a good writer can always avoid these stuff.     One can also refer other writers to Knoji and the writer gets a bonus of $10 after the referral writer publishes more than 10 articles. Please note that the bonus is not allotted for just joining the site but for writing for than 10 articles. Payments are made via Paypal which anyone can easily make and get paid every month.
CLICK HERE TO JOIN KNOJI     Knoji also has a feature of Buzzitup. Buzzitup is a feature by which a writing community of Knoji can help each other to submit each others articles in social bookmarking sites and create banklinks increasing the SEO rank. One earns credit by helping other writers and can use these credits for themselves to get helped. This feature at Knoji in awesome.    Let me make my fellow writers aware than Knoji isn't at all a scam or a fake site but actually a real site that pays which has hundreds of writers working in it. When one joins this site, he even has to submit a personal resume to get approved as a writer. But when someone is joining this site using the reference or the referral link of someone, then a resume is not needed to be submitted. All writers can freely use my referral link to join this site. Please feel free to join Knoji and be a part of the Knoji family.My referral link is HERE TO JOIN KNOJI Feel free to contact me regarding any questions on this topic as a comment in the comment box below as well as a personal message in my profile.

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