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A Dot Missing in an SMS causes Bloodshed and Death

Turkish couple Ramazan (24) and Emine (20) Çalçoban were having quite a disturbed marriage and had mutually separated. However, the “love” still remains—they continue to exchange strings of text
messages over their phones.

Yet another fight ended with a message that Ramazan sent to Emine which was intend to mean “You change the topic every time you run out of arguments.” Apparently, Ramazan’s cell phone didn’t support the Turkish closed “i” (an “i” with no dot). The word “sikisinca” appeared as “sikisince”, which made it severely offensive.

Enraged by this message to Emine, her father and her two sisters attacked him with knives. In the ensuing kerfuffle, Ramazan wound up with a knife in his chest, which he managed to extract and share with Emine. Ramazan managed to escape, but Emine bled in the ambulance, while waiting for traffic to clear.

Ramazan was soon nabbed by the cops, and still baffled by the proceedings, killed himself, confused for eternity.

This flaw in localisation has apparently been the cause of many misunderstandings, but none as deadly. Sadly enough, this causes problems with “delicate” words more than anything, so the result will likely never be funny. It’s about time someone yelled bloody murder about these localisation problems

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