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100 Days with Mr Arrogant - Movie Review

             Korean films are mostly known for romantic comedy movies and 100 Days with Mr Arrogant is one of those funny and lovely Korean movies, that is high rated and appreciated by viewers of Korean movies all over the world.Though I tell you, that this movie being good, for those people who have watched Korean movies like My Sassy Girl or My Tutor Friend, may not find this movie 100 Days with Mr Arrogant so interesting and good. This movie is a sweet romantic comedy movie, but it is not well made up and organized. The actor, Hyung-Joon, who is Mr Arrogant in this movie, is supposed to be an arrogant dude as the name suggest but is not as arrogant as what the viewers may have thought, and for the girl Ha-Young, her role and character is a bit boring , very much exhaserated and may annoy the viewers too. And in this film Hyung-Joon is supposed to keep Ha-young for 100 Days as his slave under him doing very difficult and terrible tasks, those tasks do not seem so terrible. Then, the movie starts like a normal romantic comedy, and has nothing much special about this Korean movie.

         Well, it may sound that I am really bashing about this movie 100 Days with Mr Arrogant, but honestly I did not like this movie and watching this movie was not fun and worth my time, as compared to other romantic comedy Korean Movies that I have watched. I must say the moments in the movies were like in a good flow keeping the viewers entertained though. But the ending of this movie was like a usual movie's ending that the ones watching the movie could easily predict it. I won't say it is too bad a movie, as for those who are watching it is entertained and is not so bad but I tell you, not to have high expectations from this movie too.

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