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Korean Dramas - Is it Worth Watching these 30 Hours Films ?

Korean dramas have become popular all over the world and is being sold in DVDs and are also available online for viewing. These Korean dramas are usually 20 to 30 hours long and are divided into episodes. They are series and are popular mainly as romantic dramas.
     Well, one may wonder that we usually watch movies from Hollywood, Bollywood or just anywhere that are about 2-3 hours long so how can one bear such long series of 30 hours Korean dramas? Well, myself, the writer, used to think the same that how can one bear to watch a drama series of about 30 hours but these Korean dramas do have a magic in them that you get so addicted watching them that 30 hours is not too much.

     Korean language is not a universal language and most people do not understand the language still people from around the world watch these Korean dramas instead of not understanding the language, with the help of English subtitles in these movies. Even,  for myself the writer, Korean language is Greek to me still I watch and enjoy them and thanks to those English subtitles that keep on popping in the screen.
      There are so many Korean dramas available to watch and especially for people who love watching romantic and love dramas, Korean dramas are the perfect choice. One of the Korean drama, 'Boys Before Flowers' that's very popular, is one of the worth watching Korean drama, based on the life of four friends, who are high school going boys and a girl, and then their lives. You may also try,'Full House', that is a very sweet and romantic korean serial. The recent korean drama that I watched was,'Personal Taste' which is about a boy who pretends to be gay to a girl, who also happens to be his roommate and then their love story. Well, these are hundreds of Korean dramas that are available to watch so you may just google them which you wanna watch and order the DVDs online or even download it even.

       I tell you that these Korean dramas are so addictive that once you start watching them, you just can't stop watching it and you have no thought of stopping it before it is over. I remember, watching Korean dramas continuously for 7 - 8 hours as they are so addictive.
     So, what are you waiting. Just grab some Korean drama dvds and start watching them. I would personally like you to suggest some Korean dramas to watch like Boys before flowers, Full House, Personal Taste, Sassy Girl, You are Beautiful and Cinderella's Sister.

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