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How to Make a Girl Laugh ?

You may have tried a lot to impress a girl and make her fall for you, so I may suggest you to use your sense of humor as girls really count sense of humor as a quality a guy should posses. So, I have here for my readers so ways how you can use your humor and make a girl laugh.

  • The easiest things is to make a joke out of yourself and make fun out of yourself. By doing this, girls will obviously laugh but also think that you are not an arrogant person and are not too proud about yourself. You can narrate silly things about you, which she may enjoy hearing about and laugh.
  • Try to know what the girl feels funny. It is best to experiment what really makes the girl laugh and her inclination to the type of humor. This way, you'll can use the best jokes to make her laugh. Do not get low if she doesn't understand your humor and doesn't laugh sometimes.
  • You new and latest jokes. The more fresh content your jokes has, the more the girl will enjoy. Try creating humor out of fresh issues and updates.
  • Another point to remember is, also lay emphasis on how you use the humor and how you say it. What you say matters, but how you potray it to the girl also is important. Using voices, facial expressions, actions, etc are the best way to make your humor and jokes even better and enhance your effort of making the girl laugh.
  • Do not make fun of something that maybe important to her or may make her feel offended. Also make sure that the girl is in a laughing mood before you use your sense of humor.
  • Making fun and making a girl laugh, is a process that you'll be better with time and practice, so keep on trying and experimenting and you'll be better at it day by day.

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