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Boys Wish Girls Knew these Rules

The Simple Rules all boys wish Girls and Women Knew:
1. If you are fat, and overweight, you are fat. Do not ask us whether you are or not, when you yourself know the answer.
2. There I are times, when we men do not think about you. So understand this and live with it.
3. Shopping is not so fun to us like it is for you. So we do not fancy shopping like a sport.
4. Great explorers, voyagers, and travelers, like Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus, did not need any directions so we too do not need any of those directions.
5. Just look good what ever clothes you wear. You’re perfect, superb, dashing in whatever outfit you are wearing. So please do not try clothes and clothes and ask how you’re looking or which one is better.

6. Your wardrobe is full of clothes in plenty. So never think you have very less clothes and keep on buying more and more clothes.

7. If you want to tell me something or ask me something, Do it. Please do not confuse me by giving all sorts of stupid hints and clues.
8. We do not know what day is today, or tomorrow and what day is coming. If you really want to remember our anniversary, do not ask me, Just simply mark it in the calendar.

9. When you want to say anything, say it whatever or whenever, during commercials.
10. We men own just about 2 or 3 pairs of shows which is perfect for us. So please do not ask us, which one of your 50 pairs of shoes looks good in you.
11. If you want to answer me perfectly, just say YES or NO. That would be perfect.
12. If you want someone to be our best friend, please let it not be your MOM.

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