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The Craziest and Funniest Letter from Nischal

The Most Crazy and funny letter you would ever come across. Try reading it.

The Blunder of Writing

Crazy People - Nischal and Chetan
Crazy People - Nischal and Chetan
Dear Chetan,
I am writing this letter to you very slowly because I know you cannot read fast. How are you? Anyways, I am fine thank you. I have shifted my house from the old place to a new place.
This place is really nice. I have bought a new washing machine. But I am not sure whether this washing machine works well or not. Last time, I put all my clothes and my favorite Mickey Mouse underwear inside it and pulled the chain. I have not seen it since then.

The weather is not bad here like my old address. It only rained twice last week; it rain for the first time for just 3 days and last time for 4 days.

By the way, a good news. Your sister Sabitri had a baby this morning, but I have not yet found what it is so I am not sure if you have become an aunt or an uncle. The baby looks exactly like your brother.
You best friend Prazat fell into a swimming pool last week. Some graceful men tried pulling him out but he fought with those men and drowned. We cremated him; He burned for three days.
Three of your other friends fell off from a truck last week. Sudip was driving the truck. He rolled down the window and did swim safely and survived. But sad that your other two friends were in the back of the truck. They drowned because they couldn't get the tailgate down. I am now closing this letter and will share more good news with you again next time.
Your Favorite Friend,

P.S...If you do not receive this letter, do inform me. I will send you another one. And also do send me your postal address later as I do not have it.

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