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You Broke My Heart and Now It Cries: Teenage Journal

Love happens once, and when after this love, you break your heart, it never gets healed. A piece of how I was feeling I wrote when I was 16 years old.

This was the first time,I actually felt that “This is the girl I’ve been waiting for,”Suddenly,the table turns around,then she was gone… Its been awhile,I don’t even know,how I get through a single day without you. Days are slowly passing by and I don’t know the very reason how could this happen to me. My life lost its meaning and I’M living and dying at the same time.I have so much questions in my heart,the why’s and how’s . . . I’ve forgotten how to smile and tears have buried me.The blue sky have turned gray but still I wonder how you are,coz my heart can’t stop loving you. . .

I used to be someone,who had so much love to give,someone who never give up love, but now,I dunno who I am. Everytime I see myself in the mirror,its like I’M seeing a different person staring at me,in whose eyes I see pain,loneliness,sufferings and tears,an ocean of tears. . . Tears that you’ve given me… I withdraw myself,I hide behind closed doors,in rooms where no light can be seen,because its only darkness that can hide my pain. I hate myself,I hate me,I hate that I trusted and believed in the existence of Love in my life. If there is one miracle left,I would ask that miracle fairy to heal my heart and my mind from every pain, Love has given me…

You changed my life,you’ve changed my Love,you’ve broken my heart into pieces and left it under the heavy rain… I would never let myself be once fooled by Love again, as underneath its sweetest surface,lies darkness. I feel so alone.I would never forgive myself,Maybe all of this was after all, my own fault, for letting myself fall in love.But now,I I hate Love. Well, I wish I could write these words in my heart too,NEVER FALL IN LOVE,but my heart doesn’t understand, that its too late, you’ve already broken…. and she’s gone forever. . . .

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