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All Stories do not have a Happy Ending - Nischal Gurung

When I was in school, in the eleventh grade, year 2007, I had written this story. Now, I’ve published this story here for people to read it, with my real name, Nischal Gurung, written as the main character of this story. After your read it, I would request you to leave your feedback as well.

There are various moments and experiences in life which just pass by at the blink of an eye, but they are special and are always cherished and never forgotten.

It was the time when myself, Nischal, was studying in a different school and I was returning home after attending the fresher’s welcome party organized for the new students. It was dark and cloudy when suddenly it started raining. I took out my umbrella and quickened my steps. Suddenly, I heard a shrill voice calling my name,"Mr Nischal Gurung", from the dark. It was a new girl in our school who was asking me to share with her my umbrella. Her name was Norah, a very charming girl. I shared my umbrella with her who happened to remember my name as I had performed in the party but I did not remember seeing her or talking to her. We started walking down the street. We began talking to each other about ourselves and so fast did time pass that we didn’t even realize that we had already reached her house. She thanked me and I went on my way home.

The next day the school began with the Maths period. I really hated maths and was dozing off, when suddenly our music teacher entered our class. He was collecting names for the choir and the play for our school concert. To escape from the boredom of doing maths I too signed my name,Nischal Gurung, on the list for the play although I never ever acted in my life. The next day I went for the auditions. I saw Norah the girl I had met last night. She too had come for the auditions as she was a very good actress. She gave me some tips on acting and to my utter surprise I was selected to play the role of Romeo in the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by William Shakespeare. Norah was given the role of Juliet and we began practicing almost everyday. We had started understanding each other and had become very good friends. Even our fellow mates used to tease us and call us ‘Nischal and Norah' the Romeo and Juliet of the school. I would smile while a girlish blush would bloom on Norah’s face. I too began to ask myself, “Am I really in love with Norah?” and this made me smile at myself.

Well the days passed and we performed well in the concert. After that we participated in many other events and we were always together. Soon I realized I had started loving her and she too reciprocated those feelings. I felt very incomplete when I was away from her and found her company very pleasing.

Well the years fled by very fast and the day to leave school arrived. We had passed our twelfth standard and soon had to part each other’s company. She was going to a far off city for further studies and I was joining a college in my town. I remember the last time we met. We both had tears in our eyes and she told me, “Nischal, do remember,
that the moments we passed with each other was special and precious but I always want you and me to be together, forever. I’ll never forget you and I’m never going to leave you.”

Time then passed very fast. I really missed her and we lost touch. Years passed without her and I graduated from college and got a job of a manager in a private firm. Suddenly, I was transferred to a new city so I shifted all my belongings there and began work. One fine morning when I was working in my office, I heard a sweet voice singing outside my cabin. I was shocked when I saw who the singer was. It was Norah who was working as a sweeper in my office. She was a widow of a criminal and the mother of three children. She too had been caught peddling drugs and had turned alcoholic.

Now, I often see her in my office but she never dares to look at me. I miss my love Norah, the girl I knew in my school but I hate the alcoholic Norah. I cry remembering the last words she told me, “The moments we passed with each other was special and precious but I always want you and me to be together, forever. I’ll never forget you and I’m never going to leave you.” But now I’ve understood that there is no use of crying because I have realized now that all stories do not always have a happy ending.

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